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Jeff Werner, President, Metal Supermarkets Dallas;

Carston Naber, Manager, Sales and Marketing, Metal Supermarkets, Cincinnati.

Ben Mair, CEO, One Source Metal,


Irving, TX. 75062  

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 May 29, 2002

Re:  Met Business Software 

To Whom It May Concern: 

We are a specialty metals distributor processing over 600 invoices per month with an average value of over $125.00 each.  Nearly every invoice requires some processing on individual line items (cutting, shearing) with an average of three to five line items per invoice.  A major part of our inquiries require a quote prior to it being ordered.  We have over 5,000 product codes in our system and add new ones every day.

We have been using Met and its Version I (Metal Magic) nearly five years.  This is a franchise company  starting from scratch in 1997 with Met as the daily business operating system.

I have found that we can operate all business sections (sales, payables, receivables, etc,) with minimal training.  From the first day of commissioning with only a few hours of training we have been able to learn the system easily. 

 We have been extremely pleased with the system integrity and stability on a daily basis.  It is highly user friendly and easy to learn for new employees because of the Windows based format.  The functionality of moving between screens or business sections is fast and easy.  We can easily see the customers purchase history and be prompted as to price paid on last order per product code. 

I would highly recommend this operating system for businesses similar to ours.  The support provided by V. Prevost has been consistently provided in a timely manner.  Nearly all our support has been by phone calls, and direct phone line access.  Once or twice each year a personal visit has been arranged to install new equipment or software updates.  The latest version of Met is has made our business easier. 


Jeff A. Werner


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When I first started working with MeT over a year ago, I thought that it would be difficult to learn.  If my dad, who is grandfather aged (which is a polite way of saying that heís getting up there), could sit down and learn this system, then surely someone like me, who has had a little more exposure to computers could learn.  I was right.  After a brief learning period, I was looking up prices, checking stock and faxing quotes to customers. 

 Four years ago, when my dad started up this franchise, we had looked at all of the metal inventory programs that were available.  They all seemed to do the same thing, but we had heard more positive comments about Metmags.  These good referrals as well as the product support were enough to win us over.  Now when I think of product support, I think of those huge companies, where you phone in and wait for half an hour to reach someone who knows about your system.  With metmags, we were given several numbers to reach Vince, the guy who built the program.  It seemed that no matter what time of day or night, we could reach him and ask him the silly questions that heís probably heard a million times.  It was a pleasure to phone someone who didnít make me feel like a small rodent, just because I didnít understand something. 

 When it comes down to it, there are several reasons that I can recommend this program.  First of all, it works!  It keeps track of over 500 000 bits of metal and their prices.  Second, the product support is exceptional.  We can always get a hold of Vince, to ask him whatever questions we have.  I would certainly recommend this program to anyone looking for a powerful, but easy to use metal program. 

 Carston Naber

Manager, Sales and Marketing

Metal Supermarkets, Cincinnati.

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We opened a new metal outlet just last year and were using a canned accounting software package. We thought that it wound suit our needs ( especially because we were watching our costs closely) until we were given a demonstration of MeT software Shortly after that we purchased MeT and our only regret is that we did not start with it from day one. It not only did everything that we needed and much faster than our old system but it gave us lots of great statistical reporting which helped direct us in our short-term and longer-term planning. The technical people at ISD-AI are really good at what they do and they made a lot of good suggestions for our technology choices. MeT has certainly enabled us to get established and grow our business much faster than we had anticipated.

Ben Mair, Mississauga, Ontario

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